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This Restaurant provides good quality of food and does a lot of hardwork not only to produce food but also to satisfy it's customer, Those who desire to eat cheap food , kindly don't come there because we offer quality food not cheap food, If you really wish to eat delicious and awesome food than kindly order we will be pleased to serve you, If you want to get respect than you will have to give it to others as well because it's a universal principle, Every item , we offer contains good quality and delicious taste because we not only make food with the help of ingredients but also serve it to our customers with emotions.

With the perfect balance of quality, taste, and presentation of dhaba-style Indian food in 7800 Linglestown Rd, West Hanover Township, PA 17112.

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  • Satisfication.

Freshly grounded spices when mixed with high-quality ingredients make a magical preparation which when cooked and served, leaves your taste buds dancing in pleasure.

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Your life deserves more than a burger


Affordable Indian Food

Quality Indian Food. A Different Kind of Curry.


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Good food. Good prices. Good people.


Best Indian Food

Dine in Indian cuisine, with an Indian chef.

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When it comes to quality, we never cut corners.

Makki Roti

Makki ki roti is an unleavened bread that can be made traditionally (in a tandoor), or using a tawa (flat skillet).

Makki ki roti is a flat unleavened bread made from corn meal, primarily eaten in the Jammu region, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and in Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand in North India. Like most rotis in the Indian subcontinent, it is baked on a tava.

Makki Roti

Sarson ka Saag with 2 Makki Roti

.Pinched leaves and mustard leaves cooked with ginger garlic and onion.

Sarson ka saag, also known as sarson da saag or mustard greens, is a popular dish in North Indian cuisine. It is made with mustard leaves, spinach, and other spices, and is typically served with makki di roti (corn flatbread). Sarson ka saag has a unique flavor that is both bitter and pungent. The bitterness comes from the mustard leaves, while the pungency comes from the spices used in the dish. However, the combination of flavors is surprisingly delicious and satisfying.

Sarson ka Saag with 2 Makki Roti

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is crisp as well as soft leavened bread which is stuffed with boiled and mashed potatoes and spices.

Amritsari Kulcha with Chole or Dal Makhani is an authentic Punjabi meal of Amritsar. It is a heavenly delight on the palate and plate.

Amritsari Kulcha

Kale Chole

Kale Chole is a delicious, spicy and popular dish that forms a part of the North Indian Cuisine. It is made by roasted boiled black chickpeas in Indian spices.

Punjabi Black Chickpea Curry is an easy and tasty chickpea curry which is high in protein. Serve this delicious High protein curry along with Rice and Raita for a simple weekday meal.

Kale Chole

Puri Bhatura

Poori or Puri is a traditional Indian fried bread that is delicious to enjoy with almost any main dish.

It’s a simple unleavened bread made from just whole wheat flour, salt, and water. Here I share my poori recipe with step-by-step photos and the best tips for making puri at home – crispy, fluffy, and soft and I bet you’ll love making homemade puri to enjoy with your favorite meals!

Puri Bhatura

My taste of india

Where can you get an authentic Indian Cuisine restaurant in Harrisburg pa? Our mission at My Taste of India is to match this communication via our ingredient-focused menu since food is a conversation of life. Rohit, Sagar, and Amit have correctly used classic recipes by hinting at their memories. We provide high-quality meals at our restaurant and work very hard to delight our customers with our Punjabi food; please come if you want to eat delicious meals since we only provide excellent cuisine.

If you genuinely want to taste excellent punjabi food in harrisburg pa, please place an order, and we will be happy to serve you. Every item we deliver is of high quality and has an amazing flavour since we not only prepare food with the help of ingredients but also deliver it to our clients with feelings. Respect is a global value; therefore, you must give it to others if you want it.

Make Sure You Don't Miss Out

Our restaurant takes its customers' satisfaction very seriously. Thus, we work tirelessly to serve them well. If you want inexpensive food, go elsewhere; we specialise in quality food, not quantity. Our team is happy to help you if you want to try some best Indian food in harrisburg pa. When combined with other high-quality ingredients, and freshly ground spices, we create a fantastic recipe that will send your taste buds into a tizzy once prepared and served. Our friendly staff is devoted to making you feel at home, as well as our brilliant chefs are committed to offering you the authentic flavours of Indian food in harrisburg pa.

You can trust that our services at My Taste of India - one of the best restaurants in harrisburg pa will be top-notch because of our friendly and welcoming team. The inventive and skilled staff has meticulously refined the menu to reflect the tastes of our customers. Our chefs at punjabi dhaba in harrisburg pa are proud of our delicious menu, which features scratch-made dishes using only the freshest local ingredients and innovative fusion techniques. Our cooks constantly develop new and exciting recipes, so you will always be energized. The experts at My Taste of India - one of the best restaurants in harrisburg pa meticulously prepare each dish to give our customers the highest quality eating experience. So, come and have an amazing experience with My Taste of India.

Traditional Indian Flavours

My Taste of India - Indian restaurant in harrisburg pa has won the hearts and palates of innumerable customers through its inconspicuous setting and its excellent dhaba-style Indian cuisine that perfectly balances quality, flavor, and presentation. Each meal is bursting with good flavor and authenticity because of the careful attention to detail and dedication to utilizing only the finest ingredients. My Taste of India's menu gives an experience of traditional Indian food in harrisburg pa. All our chefs meticulously prepare each dish so that diners can taste the whole range of flavors and spices and deeply understand the cuisine.

Everything is freshly prepared from scratch. We believe in serving delicious meals that will keep you coming back repeatedly. Our specific ingredients and cooking methods are distinctive. Our cooks share our goal to provide you with Punjabi cuisine you will never forget and have years of expertise preparing Indian food in the traditional home way. There is something here for every taste. Our skilled chefs have carefully chosen each ingredient that goes into the dishes to ensure maximum flavour. While we preserve every food's original recipe, we also create new delights daily.

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For a pleasurable eating experience, our knowledgeable team offers professional and timely service. Our chefs at My Taste of India - Food Restaurant in Harrisburg pa cherish their work to make every meal enjoyable. We aim to ensure that our customers have a memorable dining occasion with their loved ones. Our restaurant is renowned for its contemporary takes on traditional meals and concentrates on only utilizing premium, seasonal ingredients. Because of this, we provide a variety of classic authentic recipes that the entire family may enjoy. We also offer a sizable menu at the lowest cost.

Please do not pass up the opportunity to try the Indian cuisine we provide at our restaurant. We work hard to provide tasty food because we always strive for authentic flavor and rich taste. The freshness of our products and the diligent culinary efforts of our kitchen chefs are clear indications of our excellence. You will have many reasons to return to us since our food is a treasure trove of flavor explosions, and our staff often update the menu.

Our Promise

Looking for restaurants near harrisburg pa? My Taste of India has earned the loyalty of its customers and the respect of critics throughout the globe because of its dedication to quality, precision, and individual service. We consistently satisfy and delight our visitors through unwavering devotion in every facet of service. We are dedicated to the success and happiness of the individuals we depend on.

Our goal is to wow our visitors with the ideal fusion of culture and flavor in our meals and friendly hospitality. With our traditional Indian culinary food, My Taste of India - one of the best restaurants in harrisburg pa delivers some of India's most incredible flavors. You can choose from a variety of dishes cooked using the best ingredients. The finest Indian cuisine is what we prepare in our kitchen and serve you. We want you to be entirely pleased when you leave our restaurant. Only the freshest ingredients are used in our restaurant to prepare classic Indian food.

Why My Taste Of India?

Our chefs at fine dining restaurant in Harrisburg pa prepare each dish on our menu keeping in mind traditional Indian cuisine to guarantee the most incredible flavour each time you enjoy it with us. Therefore, whether you are a regular visitor to our restaurant or this is your first time experiencing Indian cuisine, you will undoubtedly appreciate the awesome taste every time.

There is a vast selection of excellently prepared and presented meals. My Taste of India is one of the best restaurants near harrisburg pa and is so well-liked by visitors and residents due to the consistently high food quality and flavour standards. Making reservations in advance is a wise decision; you can also use the take-out option.

Thanks to the kind and attentive personnel; you will certainly have a pleasant eating experience here. Your taste buds will surely be itching for more due to the meals' authenticity and exquisite flavours. The ambience is hip and inviting, and the servers go above and above to assist you in choosing the best options as per your preferences.

Our Proffesional Chefs

By evoking hints of their own nostalgia, Rohit, Sagar and Amit have created traditional dishes the way they're meant.

Our Indian chef Rohit


Master Chef


Master Chef
Our Indian chef Amit


Master Chef

Saxaphn Jones

Everything was great Tandoori chicken appetizer was 3/4 of a chicken, awesome, mild enough for people that do not like spice (the baby food crowd). The Lamb Curry was sooo good, spicy like I like it, (adult food crowd). Garic Naan was unreal, chia tea no sugar was great, people were nice.

Jose Rojas

I’m a trucker from Texas. First time coming to this restaurant. I highly recommend it to everyone. Very delicious food and very attentive customer service. Clean restrooms I had the butter chicken and garlic naan the first visit. Week later I’m in the area and had the lamb curry with a chick peas on side and garlic naan. The soft drink Thums Up very crisp and delicious. Reminds me of my Mexican Coca Cola.

Hazel DW

Many authentic dishes to choose from. The flavors really come through from fresh ingredients. The restaurant was clean and nicely decorated. It is small and off to the side of the truck stop near the hotel and definitely worth seeking out. Enjoy!

P Gajaananan

Counter had the Tata lorry (truck) for it's decor. Food was hot and very good quality, but needed to be spicier. Loved the masala chai. The location is next to a gas station so need to look for it. Love their motifs. Also found the Bitcoin ATM. Their spicy can be a little bit more. It seemed more sweet me (as some sugar was added). That was the drawback, and a bit pricier. (similar items are cheaper and more quantity in other places.)

Elisha Washington

The food was so delicious and flavorful. I will definitely come if ever in the area. Also,it did not take a long time to prepare my order

Supreya Me

Jay, thank you for great service and delicious food! On our way to WV, we stopped by this place for lunch - Indian food located right next to a gas station - didn’t expect much. However, the place was clean, food was served hot and was tasty as well and the service was excellent!

Chole Bhature and samosas with masala chai were really delicious! They have parathas on the menu that we missed since its served until noon only, but it gives us a reason to stop by next time!

Vikram Sharma

I have been eating on a very regular basis and I definitely recommend that you would never regret eating here. I know the owner Mr Jagdeep and his wife and they have a wonderful team working to serve their best creations. Clean and friendly atmosphere.

Stephanie M

My husband and I almost pulled away from the best Indian food we have had so far. When we pulled into the parking lot we saw the gas station and said "well this probably won't be good but let's go look inside." We are so glad we did! We travel around and try Indian food in every area we stay, comparing it to what we have near home. Many have come close, some were not so good ... but this! This was the best Shahi Paneer we have had anywhere! It was so creamy! We also had the Samosa Chaat, Aloo Naan, Mango juice and Mango Lassi. Every single thing we ate was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for a wonderful meal. I have saved you on my Google map so we can return when we drive through again.

Brett Harmer

Great food,Great staff. Excellent service. Truly authentic Indian/Punjab cuisine. Hats off to all. Thankyou for a great meal. Shrimp Tiki Marsalis, Tadoori Roti,Basmati rice and Masala Chai.

Abi Konikkara

Wow! One of the most delicious Indian food you can find in Harrisburg, PA. Very friendly staff and awesome food. You won’t be disappointed in the quality, quantity and taste of anything you get here. Loved the nice touch in ambience that reminds you of Truck stop Dabbas in India. I had chole bhature 😋 which filled my stomach and soul hahaha. Food is a bit pricy, which as explained by chief chef, “Paji does not compromise when it comes to the quality of ingredients”. I have no contest on the quality claim. Their chai is also Pattiala size 😉 which I loved and took for the road. Whether you are a foodie or not, do try this place out, you won’t regret it! Chef suggested to try their highlight chicken curry, which I will, the next time.

Kristina Bliss

Authentic! Owners, Raju & JD greeted me when I entered with smiles, made to order a yummy, perfectly seasoned meal with tender meat and came 'round to be sure I was happy. Clean dining area and restroom too. Plenty of truck parking as it is located in a small truck stop and within easy walking distance from a TA and a Flying J. There is even a crosswalk light to get customers safely across the big road! Supporting this hard-working family business is a win-win. Healthiest, most delicious meal I have eaten on the road for a long while. Just one suggestion to owners. There is one thing making you look very bad. When you are defensive and name-calling negative reviewers. Some people are never happy. Please let it go with GRACE. Your review average is very high and in my experience the service & food is top notch. Please ignore negative reviews instead of lowering yourself to their level. Keep above the rabble.

William Lambert

I love this place. I’m an Over the road truck driver. This is probably my favorite little Indian restaurant in the country. I always eat her when I come through the area and usually get a to go order for later too. Today it’s Lamb curry and Chicken tiki masala.

The Reality of It

Ok I have to give my opinion. The food was actually good. I've eaten at quite a few India restaurants and pretty much all them have about the same food. But it's always about the blend & seasoning of the dish. In all honest this isn't the best place I've been but they aren't bad. @the owner, responding to your reply. I was saying the food is good & that when it come to you guys cooking. You guys know how to season your food and some folk don't do that unlike you guys. That's why I said it's all about the seasoning & blend. You guys do a pretty good job at that.

Radhika Iyer

Great indian food near Hershey park. It is not a typical location for a dine in restaurant but it has facilities and it is in convenient location. Surprisingly pleased with the quality of food and service. We tried a range of vegetarian and goat dishes. Very tasty. If you are in the area, you should definitely try my taste of India 2.

Hassan Rehman

Amazing food and experience once I saw the food I knew it was going to be amazing and it lived up to its expectations. Top notch service greatly reccomend. I say it’s better then Gordon ramsay’s cooking. Best thing that has ever touched my pallet.I loved the makki ki roti and wow the goat curry was ZABARDAST YUMMY. Are yaar the sarson ka saag *chefs kiss* was WOW OTHERWORLDY🤤🤤🤤. Next time I see you let me kiss your forehead Mr. jagdeep.

Hazel DW

Many authentic dishes to choose from. The flavors really come through from fresh ingredients. The restaurant was clean and nicely decorated. It is small and off to the side of the truck stop near the hotel and definitely worth seeking out. Enjoy!

Cassidy Rose

Everything we ordered here was amazing! The naan was perfect, the honey chili chicken was perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The shrimp curry and the goat vindaloo were so full of flavor and the perfect way to end a night! Also the prices are incredible! This is probably the best Indian food I have had in the USA! The people that worked here were so kind as well! Highly recommend especially if you are wanting authentic Indian food, this is the place to be!!


Took our family here for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was absolutely amazing!! The right amount of spices for each dish we ordered! I can’t say enough about the staff! They were AMAZING!! Singing karaoke and they even played a special request for me!! Definitely will be back! Now one of our favorites!!

Ranjan Pandey

Good for truckers. Next to the flying J. They also have their on fuel and parking for trucks and car. Food quality and taste upto the mark. Call ahead of for pick. Takes only 15-20 minutes to get food ready. Nice people working there. Must try their Shaahi paneer. Roti is like home made

Hridendra singh

We just fancied Indian food and this was close to our hotel, what a lucky coincidence. A very unassuming simple restaurant, friendly enthusiastic staff and amazing food. We shared the Dahi Poori to start which were amazing and then we had Chicken Tikka Poutine and the beef short rib. The food was delicious the staff friendly and great value.

Megan Robin-Abbott

Believe it! Awesome Indian food right off the highway, just about the time you were hungry enough to settle for Cracker Barrel. Lamb Makhani for me (delicious) and saag paneer for my husband, served lightning fast! Traveling from CT to IL, this is an oasis in a good food desert.

Ashwani Reddy

My taste of india 2 Accent did not disappoint me at all. Lip smacking food, great ambiance and very courteous staff. I ordered 3 course meal. A little expensive but worth it. 100 points for the food presentation. Drinks and desserts are top notch as well.


It's very nice cozy restaurant. We had great time and great food! The staff is very good and very helpful. Menu is good, not many items but good selection of dishes. Must visit if one loves Indian food and want to have pleasant time.

peter molnar

Truck stop complex- an adventure! Dined-in. Samosas huge by normal standards and very flavourful. Had cashew halves and green peas, along with a variety of spices. Garlic nann - fresh, delicious. Chicken (on the bone) vindaloo, request top of chart spicy. All were delicious. Constant stream of take away/carryout regulars. Would I come back Yes!

Jose Rojas

I’m a trucker from Texas. First time coming to this restaurant. I highly recommend it to everyone. Very delicious food and very attentive customer service. Clean restrooms I had the butter chicken and garlic naan the first visit. Week later I’m in the area and had the lamb curry with a chick peas on side and garlic naan. The soft drink Thums Up very crisp and delicious. Reminds me of my Mexican Coca Cola.

Mark Wilson

I don’t have india food very often but I can sure say this curry chicken was tasty garlic nanbread was great. Generous serving even I couldn’t finish and that’s saying something! Don’t be scared of the gas station location and make sure you order your rice and bread because it’s separate I spent $30 with tip and have a little to go with me

Saxaphn Jones

Everything was great Tandoori chicken appetizer was 3/4 of a chicken, awesome, mild enough for people that do not like spice (the baby food crowd). The Lamb Curry was sooo good, spicy like I like it, (adult food crowd). Garic Naan was unreal, chia tea no sugar was great, people were nice.

Nuwani Wasana

Great place and delicious indian food. Service is excellent and friendly staff. We loved their chicken Biriyani, Chili chicken and bhatura.

T Collins

My son and I met for dinner here tonight. We were impressed with the quality of the food. The Paneer Tikka Masala was great as was the excellent chai. My son chose the lamb curry and enjoyed that with mango Lassi and a stuffed Naan (can't remember the name, but it was recommended to us). We shared an order of rice, and it was the right amount for the two of us. The service was quick. We will definitely be back!

Noreen Vizecky

We are truckers. We can't stop here for the night but you can stop to order food. There's a TA next door. We park at TA and walk to have Indian Food. Excellent service. One of the best Indian food we've ever had. I love that mango lassi.

Rohan Patil

What an amazing place. Its a hidden gem really for Indian food. Great food and great service. Authentic home cooked style taste. Makke di Roti is great and goes well with Chicken dishes. The people working there are also super friendly and will do their best to make it the best experience for you. I would definitely go again.

Arshad Mohammed

Excellent food! Simple restaurant attached to a gas station. Exceeded expectations on flavor, taste and freshness. Highly Recommended!

Brandon P

All I have to say is wow! I really never would have thought of such good food in that location. My wife and I were driving home one night. And that was one of the few places open at that time and we were just blown away by the taste. The staff were pleasant, the food was absolutely delicious and we will definitely be going back.

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